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Business Growth

Business Growth consulting services focuses on sales growth through new customers, new markets, or new products.

Business Growth consulting services helps companies increase profitability and top-line growth by securing new customers in existing markets, entering new domestic and international markets, and successfully developing new products to sustain competitive advantage. In order to ensure the long-term success of manufacturers, we have developed the following services to help companies of all sizes achieve their growth goals. Any important journey must begin with a plan and a map.  Catalyst Connection has developed a Roadmap for Growth assessment that will plot a manufacturer's current state and their desired point of growth.  We then suggest the steps that will get them to that destination.

Roadmap for Growth

Catalyst Connection's Roadmap for Growth enables you to double your current growth rate and improve the profitability of your company. Learn more about Roadmap for Growth

New Customers

Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is the framework for determining where your company will compete, how you will differentiate yourself from the competition, how you will provide value to your customers, as well as when and how you will enter each market and reach customers. Learn more about Strategic Marketing

Sales Performance

Best practice companies that have successfully built high performing sales teams excel at: 1) hiring the right people, 2) observing, evaluating and managing their reps and channel partners, 3) providing continual product, competition and buyer training, 4) developing sales enablement tools that are aligned with the buying cycle, and 5) being vigilant to avoid disconnections and inconsistencies that can crop up over time. Learn more about Sales Performance

Website and SEO

We offer turnkey website solutions for manufacturers, which includes: messaging, photographs, specifications and other information needed for a website that delivers more leads comprehensive, A proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan improves a website's ranking in search engines, thus increasing company's visibility leading to a pipeline of qualified prospects to drive sales. Learn more about Website and SEO

Video Production

Videos have become one of the leading ways companies attract customers on the web. Catalyst Connection can help plan, shoot and edit the production of a professional HD video. We'll also help market the video through online and social platforms to attract qualified prospects.

New Markets

Export Compliance

Exporting provides huge opportunities for companies. But it also adds a degree of risk that could negatively impact shareholder value. Best practice companies have implemented preventative strategies to minimize personal and business risks, and their company's liabilities under export regulations. Learn more about Export Compliance

Market Diversification

The greatest opportunities for a business to grow, often comes from entering into a new market or industry which the business is not currently in. 

Market Assessment and Forecasting

Analysis of a new market is critical prior to investing time and resources for a growing business. 

New Products

Innovation Acceleration

In today's global environment where aggressive competition is common, innovation is perhaps THE driver of long-term success. For companies wanting to develop new offerings that: generate revenue, grow market share, build competitive advantage, and maintain customer loyalty - innovation is not just important, it's an imperative. Learn more about Innovation Acceleration