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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence consulting services help to produce better quality products faster and at a lower cost.

Today's manufacturers are already operating at a high level of performance. Each incremental improvement in quality or cost savings can have significant impact on profitability and competitive advantage. We have identified the following approaches that successful manufacturers use to further their journey toward Operational Excellence.

Improvement KATA

Today's prescriptions probably won't fit tomorrow's problems. A universal means of developing solutions in any situation is the best way to prepare for the challenges ahead. Learn more about Improvement KATA

Lean Manufacturing Tools

The best performing companies implement lean manufacturing tools across their entire organization with a focus on getting the most of all the resources they have. They understand that continuous improvement has everything to do with growing the business. Learn more about Lean Manufacturing Tools

Six Sigma Methodology

Six Sigma Methodogy is a disciplined, data-driven approach for eliminating defects in any process. Learn more about six sigma methodology

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization improves the movement of product from suppliers to customers that leads to reduced costs, improved quality and shortened lead times.

Quality System Training and Development

Quality System Training and Development helps companies achieve and maintain high quality standards to enable them to consistently outperform their competition. Learn more about Quality System Training and Development

Safety Programs

Safety Programs assist manufacturers to meet compliance requirements from government agencies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

Training Within Industry

TWI consists of standardized programs to train skill sets quickly and effectively, addressing the essential skills needed by supervisors, team leaders, and anyone indirectly leading others. Learn more about Training Within Industry

ERP Selection

An advanced computing driven transformation in the manufacturing sector is inevitable. Learn more about ERP Selection

Advanced Robotics 

Advanced robotics is a wide-ranging field that encompasses all manner of machines and devices that act with a level of autonomy and are able to adapt behavior based on input data. Learn More About Advanced Robotics and Small Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is at a tipping point and ready to go mainstream in an industry that is already formidable. It is revolutionizing the way we think about design and manufacturing. Components that would have been impossible just a few years ago can now be made to high standards using a wide range of polymer, metal or ceramic powders. Learn More About Additive Manufacturing