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Upgrading Software Technology

BOSS Controls LLC

BOSS Controls LLC is a 2012 start-up company, located in Allegheny County, that designs and sells innovative WiFi product solutions (Smart Plugs) to a wide range of commercial enterprises, universities, school districts and government. BOSS Smart Plugs gives customers control over their Plug Load which in turn, results in remarkable savings upwards of 50%, on their electric bill. Utilizing grant funds, BOSS Controls was able to upgrade their Atmospheres software technology to create a virtual ecosystem between controllers, sensors, web and mobile interfaces, cloud hosted data and controls logic. Catalyst Connection’s Anna Mancuso, PMP, managed the project with local developer, B-Three Solutions. Catalyst also worked alongside partner, C-Leveled, on the redevelopment of the BOSS website, which includes a new energy savings calculator.

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"We were very grateful and pleased to have Catalyst Connection assist us with the software upgrade project and a recent update to our company website. They have deep knowledge about manufacturing and business processes that is helpful for any company."

Dan Brailer
Chief Operating Officer, Boss Controls, LLC

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